Kids Rock Free School of Music


Kids Rock Free® School of Music

at Fender® Museum of the Arts Foundation

Pamela Hogan, Executive Director

815 W. Sixth St., Suite 220

Corona, CA 92882




Arts Alive Board * Pamela Hogan * Vice President

Music education at Fender® Center offers a multitude of musical experiences befitting every personality. Whether you like the feel of smooth piano keys, flexing those guitar strings, or beating out a rhythm on drums.

Lessons are accessible to students of all ages and experience levels. We have a unique programs for children 3-6 and 5-6 years of age, and all other lessons are available through our Youth (age 7-17) and Adult (18+) programs.  No matter your background, we’re here for you. Ask us about our Scholarship, payment plans and discount programs.

Instruments include: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, and Drums. Drumline, Combo Band, Vocal Showcase, and Community Performances!

Upcoming Events:

9/15 - Movin’ to the Music (Free event)

11/5 - Raincross Drive Concert

12/9 - All Live Winter Spectacular